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This is the armband authorized for wear by the famous Condor Legion, that fought in the Spanish Civil War. These armbands are nicely printed on bright red cotton fabric and are period correct, with crisp lettering and the distinctive Luftwaffe Eagle insignia. 4-3/4 inches wide.

The German Condor Legion was a unit composed of volunteers from the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) and Wehrmacht - Heer (Army) that served with the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War between 1936 & 1939. They developed the Blitzkrieg or Lightning War, that was used extensively by the Germans at the outset of World War II. This gave them invaluable combat experience and facilitated both technical and tactical advances that gave them a distinct advantage over Allied Forces in the beginning of the war.

Our other styles of cotton armbands are printed in correct colors and are 4-1/4 inches wide, except the Deutscher Volkssturm model, which is 2-5/8 inches wide.

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