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Dealer Application


Thank you for your Dealer Catalog request. We appreciate your interest and strive to provide our dealers with the best quality, pricing, availability and service in the industry. We look forward to adding you to our dealer network.

Pricing: We maintain a separate wholesale catalog that is identical to our retail catalog in product display which reflects dealer pricing.  Online orders: Dealer orders can also be placed online, and although dealer prices do not show, they will be applied before shipment.

Criteria: A tax number alone does not qualify one for dealer status, so to protect you as a regular dealer, we sell only to  firms that stock products for resale. Please complete this application in full so we can set you up as a dealer. We do not want us to sell to your customers at wholesale prices and we appreciate your cooperation. Our minimum opening dealer order is $150 and although no annual minimum is required, dealer status is subject to review after a period of low  or no activity.  For wholesale orders, shipping charges are paid by the dealer and orders under $150 carry a handling charge of $9.95 in addition to the shipping cost.

  1. Please indicate how the majority of your sales are made.

    __ Retail Store    __ Gun or Knife Shows   __ Militaria Shows    __ Mail Order    __ Online Store

  1. Please provide a copy of any 2 of the following:
  2. Signed State Resale Certificate/Tax License (except Oregon & Montana).  Tax Exemption Certificates do not qualify.
  3. State or City issued Business License, or Business Occupancy License.
  4. Federal Firearms License
  5. Assumed Name Certificate
  6. Business card and business letterhead
  7. Storefront and/or inside photo with sign showing craft supplies, arts & crafts, or muzzleloading supplies.
  8. Brochure or catalog advertising your merchandise
  9. Copy of your advertisement in a trade publication such as Whispering Wind or MuzzleLoader Magazine, business listing in telephone directory, Yellow Pages, or your website.

 Trade References: Wholesale distributors you currently purchase Militaria from.  Please include telephone numbers & complete addresses to speed processing of your request.

 1._______________________________     3. ______________________________

    _______________________________         ______________________________

    _______________________________          ______________________________

    _______________________________          ______________________________

 3._______________________________       4. ______________________________

    _______________________________           ______________________________

    _______________________________           ______________________________

    _______________________________           ______________________________


Business Name: __________________________________________

Contact Name: ___________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: __________________________________________

Email: _______________________________  Telephone: _______________  Fax: ________________

(Revised: 5-18-20)