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Third Reich Edged Weapons - Pocket Knives

Reddick Militaria offers fine quality Gravity Knives (Paratrooper Knives), the fantasy "SS Folding Knife", and pocket knives with embossed SS runes, swastika, and art deco style designs on both sides, and other models with a likeness of Adolf Hitler on one side and the Nazi motto "Deutschland Erwache" (Germany Awake) on the other. The solid brass scales of these pocket knives house very sharp, stainless steel blades. Overall length is 3-3/4" and they are available in gold or silver color.

Product ID : 4924-106-650
Product ID : 4924-106-003
Product ID : 4924-007-001
Product ID : 4924-007-002
Product ID : 4924-106-001