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Third Reich Edged Weapons - German Officer's Swords

Available once again, our superb SS Officer’s sword, with its unique, narrow blade in polished steel, is accurately reproduced, with nickel plated fittings on the handle and scabbard. The black grip is correctly wrapped in silver wire with the inset silver SS Rune button. Scabbard is finished in shiny black enamel, with an overall length of 38”.

This Nazi Police Officer’s sword features the typical straight, polished steel blade and accurately reproduced, gold-toned fittings on both the handle and scabbard. The black molded grip is wire-wrapped and inset with the wreathed eagle of the Nazi police. Scabbard is covered in black simulated leather and overall length is 38”.

Our high quality Luftwaffe Officers Sword is finely reproduce, with the pommel, guard, and scab bard fittings having a silver finish with the proper gold colored swas tikas. Both the grip and scabbard are covered in genuine leather in Luftwaffe blue color and the grip is complete with the twisted silver wire wrapping, like the originals. The blade is highly polished carbon steel and measures 30 inches in length.