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German Field Marshal Batons & Insignia

Reddick Militaria's high quality, full-size field marshal batons weigh almost six pounds each and measures 20" long. The fine examples of the Marschallstab are furnished with their own custom-fitted, black leatherette presentation cases, lined in white, velvet-like material.

Throughout history, the ceremonial baton has been a short, thick stick-like object, typically in wood or metal, that is traditionally the sign of a field marshal or a similar very high-ranking military officer, and carried as a piece of their uniform. The baton is distinguished from the swagger stick in being thicker and effectively without any practical function. Unlike a staff of office, a baton is not rested on the ground. Unlike a royal sceptre, a baton is typically flat-ended, not crowned on one end with an eagle or globe.

During the Third Reich, marshals and grand admirals carried ceremonial batons, specially manufactured by German jewelers. Seven styles of batons were awarded to 25 individuals. Hermann Göring earned two different-style batons for his Field Marshal and Reich Marshal promotions. All the batons, except Raeder's, were of similar construction: a shaft decorated with Iron Crosses and Wehrmacht eagles. Air Force (Luftwaffe) shafts added the Balkenkreuz ("beam cross"), while Navy (Kriegsmarine) shafts added fouled anchors. Ends of the batons had ornate caps.

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