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Third Reich Uniform Accessories - Shoulder Boards

Officers Shoulder Boards - Army & Luftwaffe These high quality, slip-on boards are made using the proper cords in subdued aluminum-silver color and with the correct branch colors of wool underlay material. Rank Pips (Sterne) for upgrading ranks

Enlisted Mens Shoulder Boards - Our EM shoulder boards are high quality, slip-on type made with good wool in correct Field Grey and Luftwaffe Gray colors, genuine aluminum silver Tresse, and proper "keyhole" stitching around the button holes. For Afrikakorps and Tropical Army uniforms, our boards feature the correct olive tan color cotton twill cloth, copper brown diamond pattern Tresse and white piping. Other ranks can be made by adding one or two rank pips as required.

Waffen-SS Officers Shoulder Boards - High quality, slip-on boards made using correct, light grey braid on black wool underlay, with secondary colored pipings.

Allgemeine SS Shoulder Boards - Single shoulder boards were worn by the A-SS on the right shoulder of the black uniform. These boards are top quality, hand made using aluminum-silver bullion with black wool underlay, they are complete and ready for mounting.

Generals Shoulder Boards - Made with correct, aluminum-silver & gold bullion cords with proper color wool underlay: red for Army, white for Luftwaffe, and light grey for SS. The finest quality available and very rare items! Rank pips for upgrading