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Third Reich Visor Caps - Adolf Hitler & Hermann Goering Caps

One of several caps that were custom made for "The Fuhrer", this rare cap was worn with his military uniform beginning in 1939. Made in the stylish "sattel-form", this fine quality cap is constructed of high quality gabardine wool in the correct field-grey-green color, with a brown velvet cap band and a light brown, genuine leather visor. The top piping is heavy gold bullion while the cap band is piped in white. Featuring a gold bullion chincord and gold colored metal party-style eagle, it is complete with the proper wreath and cockade hand-embroidered directly onto the cap band and is correctly marked inside.

Product ID : 0103-040-9
Product ID : 0103-040-8
Product ID : 0102-999-020
Product ID : 0102-999-001