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Third Reich Edged Weapons - Economy German Daggers

These economically priced daggers have been very popular so we have expanded our line to help you round out your collection of German edged weapons. All have correctly styled metal scabbards and the Hitler Youth has the correct HJ motto, “Blut & Ehre”, while the SS Presentation model has fancy, oak leaf fittings on the scabbard and crossguards. The Luftwaffe Officer and rare Diplomatic models come with the standard blade, white grips and pebbled scabbards.

The RAD Leader features the distinctive eagle pommel, sweeping blade with Labor Corps motto “Arbeit Adelt” and engraved scabbard fittings. The 1936 Chained SS captures the design of the original, with nice details on the insignia, “Meine Ehre heisst Treue” blade motto, and nickel plated fittings. The RLB and HJ Bayonet feather black enamel scabbards, nickel fittings, and proper grip insignia. The Göring Industrial dagger is antique silver plated with etched blade and ivory colored grip.

Product ID : 4924-101-029
Product ID : 4924-101-055
Product ID : 4924-101-053
(15-1/2" overall; 8-1/2" blade)
Product ID : 4924-101-044
Product ID : 4924-101-047
Product ID : 4924-101-045
Product ID : 4924-101-038
Product ID : 4924-101-037
Product ID : 4924-101-022
Product ID : 4924-101-036