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Nazi & Third Reich Dagger Blades

In addition to our broad line of Third Reich dagger parts, we also offer several of the most popular blades for these World War II German daggers. Several styles are available in genuine Damascus steel - Echt Damas - and a few in normal steel. Hand forged by fine craftsmen, our blades make excellent replacements for often hard to find originals. You can replace a rusty or broken blade or upgrade to a presentation Damascus model.

We are very proud of our hand-forged, GENUINE DAMASCUS blades! Available in limited quantities, they are reasonably priced and make gorgeous display pieces when mounted in your favorite dagger. We offer these without maker marks in Army, 2nd Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine (Naval) dagger styles, and the naval blade is complete with the correct double fullers and spring catch. We have recently added genuine Damascus SS and SA presentation blades with feature raised gold plated lettering for the mottos and trademarks!

In normal steel blades, we have both the SS and SA models which are complete with the proper inscriptions and maker's marks etched on the reverse.