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Overall Rating: 99.17%
Average Rating: 9.92/10
I wish to commend Reddick Militaria and Crazy Crow Trading Post for their wide selection of products, quality, and fine customer servive. I collect the German items and also make Native American weapons using all material from Crazy Crow. It is rewarding for me to re-work some of the "Economy Daggers" to resemble, in part,the originals.
John A. Breckenridge, N/A
I was very pleased with the service, products and shipping from Reddick. I have made several orders and love the quality of the items.
DS, Northwest Antiquities
Purchased a Luftwaffe dagger and decals for my helmet. Could not be HAPPIER. Excellent quality and fast shipping.
I just received the Special Private Purchase Knight's Cross. It's stunning! Also has a nice hefty weight to ot. As always, Reddick has the best quality items for the price.
I just received my SS flag & Der Fuhrer cuff title and I am beyond happy with both! Very well done! That cuff title is so damn close to the originals it's not even funny! Very impressed. The flag is great too! I will be putting in more orders for cuff titles soon.

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