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Overall Rating: 99.33%
Average Rating: 9.93/10
I have made many order from Reddick Militaria and very happy with the Products
Great customer Service
Ulrich H.
This was the first time i used Reddick so i was a little wary as anyone should be with buying things online. you guys do a great job. i was missing a flag in my purchase but a quick call cleared it up. keep up the good work.
I've always been a military history buff and have a few collected military helmets. One I didn't have was a WWII German Stahlhelm helmet. I ordered Reddick's green M40 and am very impressed with the quality. I also have one of their miniature 1/2 scale black SS helmets. Reddick's has a huge selection of German militaria which I plan to start collecting.
Mark Curtiss
Looked everywhere for a holster for my 1935 Beretta but couldn't find an original or a reproduction. Came across a holster for a Walther PPK in the Reddick Militaria catalog and it was a perfect fit. The similarities between the two holsters is amazing. I purchased two holsters for both of my Berettas. The quality is excellent. After searching the internet and coming up with a big ZERO, it was like winning the lottery when I found Reddick Militaria and these holsters which by the way were very well made and inexpensive.
Louis Pollaro , Film in Texas Productions
received my items very happy with the quality of products. only took 3 days from TX to ALASKA. Very pleased. will be making a big order very soon
John Hoffmann

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