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Blue Max Award (Pour le Merit)

Blue Max Awards
Reddick Militaria's Blue Max Awards are top quality reproductions of the early pattern, with pie-shaped suspensions from the period 1832-1915. Featuring highly detailed eagles both front and back, and gold plating with blue enamel, these medals measure 52mm, and are complete with the correct neck ribbon.

Prussian World War 1 German Military Decorations

Founded in 1740 by King Frederick II of Prussia, The Pour le Merite award was named in French, the leading international language and language of the Prussian royal court of that era. The French name was retained, despite a rising tide of nationalism and increasing hostility between French and Germans during the 19th century, and ironically many of its recipients were honored for acts performed in wars against France. This award was last presented for (military valor) in September 1918.

The physical symbol of the award was a blue-enameled Maltese Cross with golden eagles between the arms (which is based on the symbol of the Johanniter Order) and the Prussian royal cypher and the words Pour le Merite ("For Merit" in French) written in gold letters on the body of the cross.

The Pour le Merite gained international fame during World War I. Although it could be awarded to any military officer, its most famous recipients were the pilots of the German Army Air Service. In aerial warfare, a fighter pilot was initially entitled to the award upon downing eight enemy aircraft Max Immelmann was one of the first airmen to receive the award, on January 12, 1916 The name 'Blue Max' has been attributed to the color of the medal (blue), and Immelmann's fame (Max).

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