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Nazi Militaria - Blood Order & Treffen Badge

This prestigious award for outstanding service was bestowed on those who took part in the famous
Munich Beer Hall Putsch of November 1923, when Hitler attempted to seize power by force, along
with Goering, Himmler, and other Party members.

Originally struck in solid silver, ours features a fine silver-plated finish and exquisite details, being
die struck from an original order! Complete with ribbon. The red leatherette presentation case
features a plush, white velvet bottom & satin-lined top with push button closure & gold stamped
“8./9. November 1923” on top, like the originals. Approximately 2½ ” x 4”.

Product ID : 0107-900-169
Product ID : 0107-170-063
Product ID : 0107-169-003
Product ID : 0107-000-169
(6 inch length)