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Third Reich Pole Tops, Wall & Railway Eagles

Pole Tops & Pennant Tops - Produced from high quality molds of our originals, these are the very finest pole tops available. All have correctly sized threaded rods or tubes for mounting and the early NSDAP model includes the disc under the wreath. The Car Pennant Top is the type found on fender pennants and the NSKOV features red and black highlights, making it a striking piece. Finished in polished aluminum and capturing all the unique details of their original counterparts, they will make great additions to your militaria display.

NSDAP Railway Eagle - is solid aluminum and fully 15” tall with a 28” wingspan! Taken from one in our collection, it features all the details of the original and is just as solidly made. Perfect as a background item for a large display, or for use on your own railroad!

Wall Eagles - An exact copy of an original returned as war booty, our Reichstag Eagle duplicates the huge, stylized version that covered the wall of the Reichstag and is the most impressive in our collection. This large model features either a subtle silver finish or gold with deep red highlights, being true to the original in every way. Fitted with threaded holes and bolts, it is ready for placement in your display or on your wall as a fine enhancement to any collection.

We’ve expanded our line of highly popular Wall Eagles with the addition of these Early Style Party Eagles in two new sizes and colors. The larger model features a pierced wreath and swastika, while the smaller, door-size eagle has a solid background. Cast in aluminum in high relief and capturing the fine details of the original feathers of the eagles and the oak leaf wreathes, they are finished in either black or silver and include heavy wire hooks so they can be easily hung for display.