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German Militaria Collectibles - Statues & Busts

During the Third Reich, pomp and ceremony, as well as iconic symbols were an important component of attracting party members and instilling loyalty to the Nazi cause.  Symbols such as the swastika, SS runes, oak leaf wreaths and various forms of National Socialist Party eagles were used to inspire patriotic feelings and fervent nationalism.  Thus, runic letters, party eagles, swastikas and other Nazi symbols were incorporated into things such as desk ornaments, wall and door eagles, and designs used on uniforms, daggers & swords, and many other items.

Adolf Hitler Bust - This small bust is an exact copy of an original in our collection. Finished in antique bronze and mounted on a genuine marble base 3 ½” square, it stands almost 6” tall. A finely detailed copy of the original, it is the perfect size for your display case or bookshelf.

Classic Soldier & Luftwaffe Busts - These high quality busts are among the most recognizable pieces of art from the Third Reich and make fine additions to your bookshelf or display. Taken directly from original period pieces, each is finished in an antique bronze color and mounted on a genuine, solid marble base. The stern looking, Heroic German Soldier models are available in Medium (5-1/2” tall) and Large (9” tall) sizes, while the gallant Luftwaffe Officer figure is 7-1/2” tall. Add several of these to your collection!

Desk Eagles - These popular iconic eagles are reproduced from original pieces in our collection and are mounted on a marble base for display. Finished in either bronze of silver, they make excellent pieces for your desk, bookshelf or display area along with the rest of your collection.

SS Helmet on Marble Base - Cast in aluminum from an original piece, this great looking helmet is an SS Transitional, complete with Field Grey paint and highly detailed, full color miniature decals! Mounted on a genuine marble base(5”x 4”) it is 2-3/4”high.