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Deutschland Erwache Standard Set with München Box

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  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set - Reddick Militaria
  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set
  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set
  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set
  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set
  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set
  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set
  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set
  • Deutschland Erwache Standard Set
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Price: $1,595.00
Product ID : 0121-103-102
Weight: 42.00 lbs



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This incredible, museum quality replica is one of the rarest examples of Third Reich memorabilia, and available exclusively from Reddick Militaria!

It is true to the originals in every aspect, from the correct dimensions and highest quality materials to the meticulous, hand finish and exacting details.

Standing over 7 feet tall, it is unbelievably convincing in every way, and will even rival an original except on close inspection. Manufactured to the specifications of the genuine standards that were originally produced for NSDAP Party rallies and parades in the 1930s and early 1940s, this is the finest replica ever produced.

Each section has been meticulously modeled after an original, with particular attention paid to the most minute details and dimensions. The brass eagle is hollow, like the originals, being made up of die-struck brass components that brazed together and then hand finished. This multi-part construction is carried through to the wreath and swastika, as well as the München box with its front and back plates of brass that have been die struck and then nickel plated. The high quality wooden poles feature nickel plated fittings that are threaded for disassembly in the same manner as the real ones.

Now you can own one of the rarest and most sought-after examples of Third Reich pomp and splendor, and this exquisite set will surely become the center-piece of any militaria collection!

Set includes the following pieces: Eagle Top, Wreath & Swastika, Munchen Box, Wooden Pole Set with Cross Pole, Deutschland Erwache Banner and Red, White & Black Tassels.

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Reviewed by dman
dman bought "Deutschland Erwache Standard Set with München Box" on our website
10/30/2016 - 06:22:49 PM
Deutscland Erwache Stanard Set
A nice filler for a almost impossible rare WWII NSDAP relic.

I thought the Banner looked a little 'Plastic' out of the Box. it is
made as a really STIFF flag ( it is Double Sided), I thought it should
be a bit more flowing, and made of a softer material. the Top of the banner was made with some sort of Red Vinyl at the cross support , and it too is quite stiff. The top of the banner is very Shiny.

The Top "Gau Box" and the Eagle with the Wreath is VERY HEAVY, it seems that the cast metal wreath and Eagle was cast to look very convincing , although the casting seems to thin and feel very fragile and feels sa if it could break easely if dropped.

The two Polee halfs seemed to be not straigh on my set , and had a little bit ofa bend in them , which brings us back to the total assembled weight.


I had to build a VERY large base to place the assembled Standard on.

It does hold the Standard ok , but the Not So Straight wooden poles causes it to lean some , which is scarry due to the seemed fragility of the
top wreath and eagle becoming damaged if it does fall over, even with the Large Base that I have Custom built.

It is a Filler , and does look OK for what it was made to represent historically.

I think the price base was a little too high for how this was made, and with the condition i received MY pole's in..... But i made it work.
** 4 Stars **

I have Never saw this D/E Standard in real life , so my findings are
based on photos. A good reference book on this is DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE By ULRIC OF ENGLAND - Otto Sprank.

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