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Nazi Party Flag - 3' x 5' - Multi Piece Cotton Construction

Price: $69.00
Product ID : 0120-275-109




Nazi Party Flag - 3' x 5' - Multi Piece Cotton Construction!
These excellent quality new Nazi Party Flags in Multi Piece Cotton Construction from Reddick Militaria measure 3' x 5' and are beautifully done. Made like fine originals, they are double sided and made from high quality cotton fabric. Meticulously constructed of five separate pieces sewn together. 

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Reviewed by Moises18
03/31/2021 - 09:53:57 PM
Worth every penny!
I bought this flag, and i have no regrets. I was a bit worried about this company not being "real" but it IS! I recommend calling them, because thats how i bought this flag, also you should request a catalog because it helps on orders. It cost me $78- the prices when you order online are inaccurate, thats why i recommend calling them to order. As for the time it took for the flag to arrive, it took 6 days and it came from TX and i live in CA. This flag is double sided, and when held into the light you dont see the swastika on the other side, the flag is a bit heavy, so it dosnt really "wave" in the air, but it looks epic when it is hanged on the wall. The flag has two pieces of string for tying it to a pole or something, and thats a drawback for me, i wish it had holes like many other flags but not a big deal. I give it 5 stars because its epic! Now when i write about the political and social directions our country is heading towards- I am reminded that Hitler did the same, Long live Hitler's flag, the Flag that captivates the will of a people to fight to be free! 0/

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