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Reddick Militaria offers an extensive library of militaria-related links to help you in your search for information. Links are displayed alphabetically by category (on separate pages). To help in your evaluation of the link, a brief explanation is provided for each. Inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement by us, although we do try to be selective - and reserve the right to do so.

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Reddick Militaria Faqs
 American Military Photos     Reddick Militaria Articles

Air Force Historical Research Agency Photos
Repository for Air Force historical documents. The Agency's collection, begun in Washington, DC, during World War II, moved in 1949 to Maxwell Air Force Base, the site of Air University, to provide research facilities for professional military education students, the faculty, visiting scholars, and the general public. It consists today of over 70,000,000 pages devoted to the history of the service, and represents the world's largest and most valuable organized collection of documents on US military aviation.

Brooks AFB Photo Archive
OLD photos: planes, dirigibles, and much more vintage images.
Over 1,000 Civil War Images, Photographs and Cartes de Visites including Army Life, United States and Confederate Government Officers, Union and Confederate Generals and Soldiers, Civilians, Battle Field Photos, Casualties, Infantry Units, Cavalry Units, Artillery Units, Engineering Units, Navy Units and Vessels, Prisoners, Hospitals and Doctors, Factories, Quartermaster, Lincoln Assassination Conspirators and much more. Lee, Lincoln, Richmond Virginia, Grant, Jackson, Davis, Artillery, Charlotte South Carolina, Pope, Battlefields, McClellan, Chamberlain, Washington D.C., Sherman, Hospitals, Gordon, Booth, Atlanta Georgia, Infantry, Prisons, Railroads, Doctors, Photographers, Military Intelligence, Soldiers Daily Life, Bridges, Congressmen and Senators, Casualties, Cabinet Members, and so much more...

Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center
Extensive links to information concerning US Navy history and operations, including navalaviation. Very large photo archive.

DefenseLink Official DOD Photos
DefenseLink Official DOD Photos indexed by topics. This is current and posted daily. Lots of high quality, action photos on HMMWVs, tanks, and other military vehicles, but can be a little hard to find. Format is jpg or you can display it and do a screen capture. If you request a full size photo to be downloaded, they ask you some questions. If you don't have an organization, or don't want to say, just fill in "Personal Interest", "Other" for organization type, and "None" for organization name -- they don't stop you from downloading. DefenseLink also has extensive clip art and graphics, including insignia and seals for the US services, on their multimedia page. Photo Library
Extensive photo library, most taken from public archives. Excellent articles and links.

National Archives and Records Administration Archival Research Catalog (ARC)
More than 348,000 descriptions and 60,000 digital copies, representing only a limited portion of NARA's vast holdings. This is the on-line, searchable catalog of the National Archives which will be updated until all records are available. Click on the photo (left) for a full size image and the caption. Click on this link for more on their collection: "Pictures of World War II".

National Guard Image Library
An official site with several series of photos and prints showing National Guard service from colonial times to Operation Desert Storm.

Naval Historical Center's Photographic Section
The Naval Historical Center's Photographic Section has extensive pictorial reference files on all aspects of naval history. The web site now includes a growing selection of on-line images.

Navy-Related Persons of Prominence
Easy to select by alpha search. Stories and photos.

NavSource Special Photo Selection

Naval Historical Foundation
The Foundation offers photographic reproduction services for images in the Naval Historical Center's collections. This information pertains primarily to images found on the On-Line Library of Selected Images.

Olive-Drab Photo Archive
Web site includes:

  • Army Libraries Through the Years
  • Charts of scores of military vehicles with one or more photos of each
  • Military firearms pages with photos of each type of rifle, machine gun, and other weapons
  • All about the HMMWV with many photos and links to more
  • Military jeep photos and links
  • And almost every page of Olive-Drab has it's photo, graphic, or link to more material. Use the Site Map

Ships of the United States Coast Guard
Great source of naval ship photos, of other countries' navies as well as the U.S.

Navy Picture of the Month Series (2004-1998)
Featured images by month. Top photos from a very large library of Naval images.

Sources of U.S. Military Images
The Library of Congress offers this guide to Sources of U.S. Military Images. Unfortunately most are not on-line downloads, but this list of locations and contact information tells you where to find many types of images from U.S. military history.

US Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB
Provides a huge collection of photos of aircraft, ordnance, equipment of various kinds and other items, both current and historical, from their exhibits and archives.

US Army Center of Military History
The mission of the US Army Center of Military History is to establish a global forum for the Center of Military History to distribute historical information and products to inform, educate and professionally develop the soldiers and leadership of the U.S. Army. Extensive online resources, including photo archives that include:

  • Army Libraries Through the Years
  • The Army Nurse Corps in the War with Spain
  • Buffalo Soldiers on the Eve of World War II
  • Images from World War II: The Early Years
  • African Americans in the U.S. Army - Early World War II
  • Images from World War II: Preparing for Battle
  • Photographs of World War II Ireland
  • The Normandy Invasion: The Story in Pictures
  • Army Nurses: World War II & Korean War Images
  • Korean War Photographs, 1950
  • Korean War Photographs, 1951
  • Korean War Photographs, 1952
  • Engineers in Korea
  • Infantry: Images From Vietnam
  • Selected Just Cause Photographs
  • Selected Gulf War Photographs

U.S. Army Military History Institute Photos
Searchable collection of on-line photos from WW II and later periods. This web page is a pilot project which will be expanded. The Pontiac, Illinois National Guard has a gallery with over 400 photos from Drill, Annual Training, and other community events the Pontiac Guards participate in.

US Army Signal Corps Photos
Hampton Roads VA Port of Embarcation Collection. This is from WW II and has some beautiful B&W photos including the one of the WAC in the jeep on the first page of the Introduction To Buying and Owning Military Vehicles. U.S. Navy Digital Imagery

Reddick Militaria Faqs
 British Military Photos     Reddick Militaria Articles

The British MOD On-line Image Database
The British MOD On-line Image Database is an official MOD source of photos for all branches of the UK military.

Aerial Reconnaissance Archive
The Aerial Reconnaissance Archive from Keele University (UK) makes the aerial reconnaissance photographs, provided by the UK Ministry of Defence, accessible via the internet. During World War II, photgraphic reconnaissance played a major part in the intelligence war. The advanced photographic techniques developed, gave intelligence officers the ability to view the enemies activities in 3D, and make highly accurate assessments. Discover a new way of looking at that history through this website.

Enygma Graphics
High quality colour photographs of restored and preserved World War II military vehicles in museums and private collections throughout the UK. Contemporary pictures of World War II military vehicles in action in various theatres throughout the world during WWII.

Reddick Militaria Faqs
 German Military Photos     Reddick Militaria Articles

German U-Boats Photos
German U-boats photos are the subject of this picture gallery from

Panzerworld Photo Galleries
Rare, original panzer photographs:

  • Christopher Scheiwes gallery Many of Christopher Scheiwes photos, featuring knocked-out Panzers. Warning, graphic contents
  • Campaign photographs Groups of photographs taken during specific campaigns and actions
  • Museum pictures Pictures of Panzers now in museums
  • Uniform and medal gallery Pictures of uniforms and medals in private collections today
  • Model pictures Pictures of scale models

Sledgehammers: Strengths and Flaws of Tiger Tank Battalions in World War II
Super German tank photos shown for this book.

Reddick Militaria Faqs
 Soviet / Russian Military Photos     Reddick Militaria Articles

Links to Russian Air Museum Photo Libraries
Links to photo archive/displays at: Central Armed Forces Museum, Slovacke Letecke Muzeum, Letecke Museum Kbely, Victory Park, Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego, Yak Okb, Ferihegy Airport, Monino, Muzeum Wojska Polskiego.

Russian Central Air Force Museum Photo Archive
Dozens of color images.

Russian Tank Museum Photo Library
Photo library archives of captured German and Japanese tanks and other armored vehicles. Numerous photos of Russian tanks. Includes tank photos of French and US tanks also.

Reddick Militaria Faqs
 Other Military Photos     Reddick Militaria Articles

Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial offers a fine photo archive with easy to use search facilities. Also available are databases of art, films, and sound records. The collections range from colonial wars, specifically The Sudan, up to and including the continuing peace-keeping operation in East Timor (and everything in between in which Australians have been involved).

Burns Archive War Collection
Photographs taken of all major and many minor confrontations from the Crimean War through Vietnam. The archive has world class accumulations of images, including unique special albums of The Civil War, Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection, Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, Mexican Revolution, WWI and WWII.

Canadian Department of National Defence Image Gallery
Hi-res photos of current and past operations of Canadian Forces, their people and equipment.

Nato Operation Joint Endeavour Photos
This NATO site has a photo gallery from Operation Joint Endeavour (IFOR) in Bosnia.

Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery
Large number of photos of British, American, European, and other countries' military aircraft.

World Defense Pictures
Galleries of army, air force, navy, and news photos from all over the world, with good quality photos of military hardware.

Community of photo albums taken/owned by individuals who display them in the Webshots format. You can search several different ways (Webshots Gallery, Webshots Community, etc.) among hundreds of thousands of the private photos. To use the photos, you would have to contact the individual owners. Many military topics and type of subject matter are represented from WW II stock photos to current snapshots.

Western Front Association Photo Tours
Established in 1980 by noted military historian John Giles, the Association has grown over the years to more than 6,500 members worldwide. The WFA has supported many remembrance and research projects, from the renovation of battlefield memorials, to organising care for the veterans, to re-establishing the 11 o'clock two-minute silence at the Cenotaph on the 11th November each year. Numerous battlefield maps are available online, as is an extensive photo tour of many WWI battlegrounds, such as:

  • 360 degree view of the reconstructed centre of the martyred town of Ypres
  • The battlefields of the Ypres Salient
  • 360 degree view of the largest of all British military cemeteries, Tyne Cot
  • The battlefields of Artois
  • The battlefields of Vimy Ridge and Arras
  • The battlefields of the Somme
  • The battlefields of Champagne
  • The battlefields of Verdun
  • In the footsteps of the Doughboys: the army of the United States 1917-1918

Reddick Militaria Faqs