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Military Museums: World Wide Listing

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Reddick Militaria offers an extensive library of militaria-related links to help you in your search for information. Links are displayed alphabetically by category (on separate pages). To help in your evaluation of the link, a brief explanation is provided for each. Inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement by us, although we do try to be selective - and reserve the right to do so.

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 American Museums     Reddick Militaria Articles

1st Cavalry Division Museum - Fort Hood, TX- USA
Includes an outstanding display of vehicles from many wars, both US and captured enemy units. This page has an index of vehicle photos from the museum. Many other displays plus huge photo library.

45th Infantry Division Museum - Oklahoma City, OK- USA
Collections include personal property of Adolf Hitler, the Reaves' Military Firearms Collection, the "Hall of Flags" from 1951 to Operation Desert Storm, and over 200 of Bill Mauldin's original Willie and Joe cartoons from World War II.

82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum - Fort Bragg, NC - USA

American Armoured Foundation, Inc., Tank and Ordnance War Memorial Museum - Mattituck, NY - USA
At the Tank Museum you will see one of the finest collections of tanks, armoured vehicles, ordnance, uniforms, and headgear, etc. found anywhere in the world. Many restorations being performed right in front of visitor's eyes. Visitors are able to inspect these in-process restorations, and are encouraged to talk to the Tank Museum's staff to learn more. The Museum shop sells militaria, books, and even complete vehicles.

J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum - Claremore, OK - USA
Museum houses over 20,000 firearms and firearm related items, military and civilian, from the US and other countries. One of the largest collections in the world. The museum is operated by the State of Oklahoma and admission is free.

Fort Lewis Military Museum Tacoma, WA - USA
The Fort Lewis Military Museum, is the Northwest's largest and most diverse museum of martial history with its extensive collection of Army uniforms and artifacts pertaining to Fort Lewis, the Army's presence in the Pacific Northwest, and the units which served at the post. A vehicle park includes a variety of military vehicles and tanks from WW2 to the present.

Fort Snelling Military Museum - Ft. Snelling, MN - USA
Dedicated to the remembrance of veterans of all wars and the preservation of the military equipment they used. Holds the midwest's largest collection of historical operating military vehicles.

Mariners' Museum, The - Newport News, VA- USA
The Mariners' Museum, one of the largest international maritime museums in the world, is dedicated to "illuminating mankind's experience with the sea and the events that shaped the course and progress of civilization." International in scope, the collection is composed of more than 35,000 maritime items, including ship models, scrimshaw, maritime paintings, decorative arts, intricately carved figureheads, working steam engines, and more.

National Museum of Naval Aviation - Pensacola, NAS, FL- USA
The National Museum of Naval Aviation is one of the largest and most beautiful air and space museums in the world. Share in the excitement of NMNA's rich history. See over 140 beautifully restored aircraft representing Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Aviation.

National World War II Memorial - Washington, DC - USA
On April 29, 2004, as a service and tribute to members of the World War II Generation, the National World War II Memorial opened for public viewing. Exactly one month later, on May 29, the memorial was formally dedicated. The World War II Memorial is the first national memorial dedicated to all who served during the Second World War. The memorial, established by the American Battle Monuments Commission, honors all military veterans of the war, the citizens on the home front, the nation at large, and the high moral purpose and idealism that motivated the nation's call to arms. The Second World War is the only 20th-Century event commemorated on the Mall's central axis.

Naval Undersea Museum - Keyport, WA- USA
The museum possesses the largest collection of artifacts in the United States related to naval undersea history, science, and operations. Ranging in size from Trieste II, a 96-ton deep submersible, to a pressure-crushed Styrofoam cup weighing less than an ounce, these artifacts tell the story of naval exploration and operation under the sea. Highlights of the collection include the Navy's second oldest torpedo, a Confederate mine used at the Battle of Mobile Bay (1864), diving suits, and submarine battle flags.

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum - Charleston Harbor, SC- USA
The centerpiece of Patriots Point is the world famous aircraft carrier USS YORKTOWN, a heavily decorated warship that was at the "tip of the spear" in America's victory in the Pacific during World War II. Find out more about the ships of Patriots Point, the magnificent aircraft, and the rest of the exhibits that make Patriots Point one of the most visited attractions in the Carolinas! Click on the image to the right to take a tour of the flight deck!

USS Constitution Museum
The USS Constitution Museum brings to life the stories of the individuals who authorized, built, served on and preserved USS Constitution. Through hands-on exhibits, displays of historic artifacts, computer simulated re-enactments, and public programming, the Museum strives to make a personal connection to our American past and the heritage of USS Constitution. The Museum is located adjacent to USS Constitution, in Building 22, Boston National Historical Park, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall- Washington, DC- USA
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War. Since it first went on line in 1996 it has evolved into something more. It is now also a place of healing for those affected by one of the most divisive wars in our nation's history.

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 British Museums     Reddick Militaria Articles

East of England Tank Museum - Barnham, England
Our base - and home to part of our collection - is now in Barnham, near Thetford, while the rest of our vehicles can be seen at various sites around Britain. East of England Tank Museum vehicles have been exhibited and driven at a variety of prestigious museums and open-air events.

Green Jackets Museum - Peninsula Barracks, Winchester- England
Situated in the historic site of Peninsula Barracks, Winchester. This museum is acknowledged as probably the finest regimental museum in the Country. It tells the fascinating story of its famous regiments from 1741 to the present day, graphically and entertainingly.

Imperial War Museum - London, England
The Imperial War Museum is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those involving Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present day. It seeks to provide for, and to encourage, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and 'war-time experience'. It is proud to be regarded as one of the essential sights of London.

National Army Museum - London, England
At the National Army Museum, the British Army's own museum, you'll discover the compelling story of the British soldier in peace and war. Come and see how Britain's soldiers have lived, worked and fought - from the 15th Century to the present day.

Royal Air Force Museum - Hendon, England
Royal Air Force Museum Hendon is situated on the historic site of the original London Aerodrome and houses over 100 aircraft from around the world.

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 French Museums     Reddick Militaria Articles

French Army Museum - Paris, France
The French Army Museum (Le Musée de l'Armée).

Museum of the Great War - Péronne, France
The Historial de la Grande Guerre, is an international museum of comparative history. It compares the experiences of the major participants in the First World War through an anthropological approach. Evoking the mentalities of the era, it shows what daily life was like on the front but also behind the lines, reflecting the heavy involvement of the civilian populations. In exploring the culture of war, the Historial links the past to the present, testifying to the impact that this conflict has had throughout the 20th century.

Museum of the Second World War - Calais, France
Calais has its own museum situated in a bunker formerly used by the war time German navy as a command post. A total of 20 rooms display a large number of interesting objects relating to the conflict in the area. The War Museum (Musée de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale) can be found at , Parc Saint-Pierre, Boulevard Jacquard, 62100 Calais, right in the heart of the town. The Calais area has witnessed its share of invasions over the centuries and the vestiges of the last conflict are everywhere in evidence. It was here that the Germans expected the arrival of allied troops and made their own preparations to strike at England. Foremost among the constructions designed to rain death and destruction upon the English was the Eperlecques bunker built to fire V2 rockets into the heart of London. You'll find the bunker at: Blockhaus, 62910 Eperlecques, it's about 2 miles outside Watten.

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 German Museums     Reddick Militaria Articles

German Resistance Memorial Center - Berlin, Germany
On the grand scale of things there wasn't much resistance to the the Nazi dictatorship of 1933-45; sources of potential dissent where located early and shut down. Those brave souls who did resist are the subject of this permanent exhibition in rooms which were part of German army headquarters during WWII. The museum is located here because it was from this building that Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg planned his botched attempt on Hitler's life in 20. July 1944. Guided tours of the exhibition are free and are well worth while as they cover the rise and fall of Nazi Germany as well as those who resisted it.

New Castle and Bavarian Army Museum - Ingolstadt, Germany
The Bavarian Army Museum is the only Bavarian state museum not in Munich. The building is not only worth a visit because of its exhibits but also because of the architecture of this massive castle, which is still in excellent condition. Among its most important exhibits are its medieval weapons and the magnificent booty captured during the wars against the Turks. The Museum has had a new section dealing specifically with the First World War. It is housed in what used to be a fortification and, in 33 rooms, illustrates the events leading up to the war, its course and consequences in a way that is unique in Germany. Temporary exhibitions throwing light on related topics are held frequently. Not until the museum's expansion has been completed will it become fully clear that the Bavarian Army Museum is not only the oldest but also the most important military museum in Germany. Note: web site link is to the English translation of the web page dedicated to the museum found on the Ingolstadt web site. It is nicely done with 360 degree images.

Panzermuseum - Munster, Germany
This site is dedicated to the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster, one of the premier armor museums in the world. The museum shows the development of Germany's armored troops from 1917 to the present with displays of vehicles, weapons, equipment, uniforms, documents and medals. The museum's exhibits cover all branches of the German armored corps: tanks, mechanized infantry, armored reconnaissance, anti-tank, self-propelled artillery, and armored engineers.

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 Soviet / Russian Museums     Reddick Militaria Articles

Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War
The Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 is situated in the very center of the Victory Park. The memorial section of the Museum is the Hall of Glory where there are marble slabs engraved with the names of 11,717 participants of the war awarded the honorary title "Hero of the Soviet Union". Around the Hall of Memory there are six dioramas depicting the biggest battles fought during the war; "The Counteroffensive of the Soviet Troops Near Moscow in December 1941", "The Joining of Fronts, Stalingrad", "The Siege of Leningrad", "The Battle of Kursk Bulge", "The Crossing of the Dnieper, 1943", and "The Storming of Berlin". The dioramas, executed by masters from the Grekov Studio of Battle Painting, cover a floor area of 1,500 square meters. [more museum detail, plus travel info}

Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer & Signal Corps - St. Petersburg, Russia
The Museum holds a unique collection which belongs to the global material culture and the war history. Vast expositions occupying 13 rooms on 17000sq.m area represent different epochs of the military history. The Museum - the coeval of Saint Petersburg - stems its history from Zeughaus (arsenal) built in the Peter- and- Paul Fortress by the order of Emperor Peter the Great who himself examined the guns intended for "eternal" custody in August, 1703.

Russian Central Air Force Museum at Monino
The AF Museum exists since 1958 and now is the biggest aviation museum on the territory of the former USSR. It was opened under the initiative of Air Marshal S.A. Krasovsky, the Air Force Academy head at that time. For more than 40 years the Air Force Museum was an integral part of the AF academy named after Yu.A.Gagarin, the "factory" of command and staff cadres for the military aviation, as it is often called. Today, the museum's collection numbers more than 170 aircraft, there are conventional planes, helicopters and gliders, as well as unusual flying machines, such as V.Tatlin flapflyer, A.Rafaelynts turboflyer, the second stage of orbital space plane, developed under the "Spiral" program and others. [more museum detail, plus travel info}

Soviet Army Museum - Moscow, Russia
The broad staircase of the entrance to the Central Armed Forces Museum has an imposing gun pointed at the sky and a T-34, the legendary Soviet tank from the days of World War Two. The exposition on the first floor is devoted to the Russian Emperor's Guard of the 18th-20th centuries - uniforms, uniform jackets, feathers, polished metal, and gold embroidery, all authentic. Here, too, is a collection of the Russian St. Anna and St. George decorations, crosses of Russian officers, and badges of Russian regiments. Several halls recreate military landscapes with ditches, dugouts, and field kitchens. There is even a panorama of a World War Two battle, partly drawn, partly recreated. Needless to say, the greatest number of exhibits feature the victories of the Russian army. Visitors see the cabin of fighter-bomber of the Sukhoy. [more museum detail, plus travel info}

Tank Museum - Kubinka, Russia
The Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment has one of the largest collections of armored vehicles in the world. Vehicles from 11 foreign countries are represented. The 290 items range from 3-5 ton light tanks and armored cars to a super-heavy, 180 ton monster. There are 40 self-propelled guns from 57 to 600 caliber, 30 armored cars, 10 reconnaissance and command vehicles, and a variety of technical and engineer support vehicles. Great photos and descriptions of many old tanks in exhibits. [more museum detail, plus travel info}

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 Other Museums     Reddick Militaria Articles

World Naval & Maritime Museums List (Non-US)
Listing of Museums Outside the US. Links and info.

Air Defence Museum - Alouette, Quebec- Canada
The mission of the museum is threefold: to preserve, to explain and to disseminate the military aeronautical heritage of Canada. The museum is structured around one major theme, namely the air defence of Canada, and three minor themes; the historical development of Base Bagotville, the history of military and civil aviation in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, and technological and aeronautical developments.

Canadian War Museum - Ottawa, Ontario- Canada
In the fall of 2004, a new Museum will be built on LeBreton Flats in the heart of the National Capital Region. Dedicated to the education, preservation and remembrance of Canada's military history, the Museum will make visitors aware of the role that military events have played in our history. The new Canadian War Museum, an affiliate museum of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation, is certain to become a valuable resource for all Canadians.

Royal Canadian Air Force Museum - Trenton, Ontario - Canada
In the RCAF Memorial Museum the long and proud history of Canada's Air Forces is preserved and publicized. The Museum displays aircraft, artefacts and equipment but, most importantly, tells of the wonderful contributions made by our men and women in military aviation. It is the only one in Canada, which depicts the complete history of Canada's Air Force rather than that of specific units and activities.

Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
We do not honour or glorify war here. Rather we remember and try to understand the massive and important efforts and sacrifices were made by a previous generation to secure the peace and freedom we enjoy today. But the Nanton Lancaster Society is determined to do more. Our restoration shop continues to work on various components of the Lancaster and other aircraft. New artifacts are constantly being acquired and new displays prepared, our newsletter is published twice each year to keep our membership up to date as to museum progress. The Society's travelling display regularly attends airshows and other events to promote the museum and take our message to other centres.

Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein' Oosterbeek - Oosterbeek- The Netherlands
The Museum shows the course of events during the Battle of Arnhem. It took place in September 1944 and covered the area between the centre of Arnhem and Ede. The 'Battle for the Rhine Bridge' was part of the operation 'Market Garden'. British, American and Polish airborne forces were to capture the bridges over rivers and waterways from the Belgian border to Arnhem.

Brussels Royal Museum of the Army and Military History - Brussels - Belgium
Museum contains about one hundred thousand items, including tanks and aircraft, ranking among the top military museums in the world.

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