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Militaria: World Wide Online Resources

Militaria Online Links, Information & Resources

Reddick Militaria offers an extensive library of militaria-related links to help you in your search for information. Links are displayed alphabetically by category (on separate pages). To help in your evaluation of the link, a brief explanation is provided for each. Inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement by us, although we do try to be selective - and reserve the right to do so.

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Booker Collection of Military Hat & Collar Badges
The Booker Collection is an extensive selection of military badges, including many Australian and NZ, drawn or collected by Chief W/Officer Herbert H. Booker 2nd of Tujunga, California.

Hall of Medals
Personal online medals and ribbons collection representing British, American, Belgian, Italian, Russian/Soviet, UN and other countries. Images of over 600 ribbons.

This is a site for collectors of militaria insignia. It is a free site: you will not be asked to join an organization. The goal here is simply to provide information that will enhance one's collecting experience. Initially, this site will represent the work and views primarily of a single individual. As time passes, I hope to enlist the involvement of others willing to share their expertise.

Lancer Militaria
Lancer Militaria is your source for hard-to-find military books, music, insignia and military collectibles. Since 1977 we've specialized in the modern military era (WW2 to present) with a heavy emphasis on elite units such as Special Forces, US Navy SEALs, SAS, GSG-9, French Foreign Legion, and snipers. We've also got some great military and non-military links which you can access from the bottom of most of the pages in our site. We're now adding pictures of our insignia, beginning in the foreign section.

Medals and Awards of the Great War
History and photos of medals and decorations of the nations involved in WWI.

Medals of the World
Collection of images of medals from around the world. Some will be familiar, some you may never have seen before. They have tried to make the web site as comprehensive as possible, therefor they list medals that may not have currently have a picture. Comments and corrections are welcome, particularly if you can fill in a missing image!

Old Contemptible's Great War Website
Nice site which details many of the medals from WWI and background on collecting. By Paul Hinckley.

Orders, Decorations and Medals
MAJOR links source. This website consists mainly of links to online news items and other websites related to medals.

Rank Insignia of the World
Rank insignia and shoulder patches from all countries and careers, including army, police, air, correction and customs.

Rick's Hat Check Room
Online resource for collectors of military and other types of hats. Images, photos and descriptions of a wide variety of military hats from around the world and of various eras. From U.S. Civil War , the Imperial German "Pickelhaube" M15 of 1915, to current hats from numerous countries (an excellent resource).

Wings of the World
Wings of the World offers world wide aviation memorabilia, a beautiful line of artwork and original flight badges and wings, and aviation-related books.

Worldwide Submarine Insignia
Dedicated to the men around the world who operate submarines. It is intended for use by collectors of submarine insignia. There has been a significant amount of research done by many collectors; this is by no means the ultimate in knowledge, but it is an attempt at putting much of the accumulated knowledge together. You can access the information on all the various countries in the Submarine Insignia Information section below.

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Air Force Awards & Decorations

American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of World War Two
This web site displays a collection of "patches" or shoulder sleeve insignia (their official name) which were used by the United States Armed Forces during the period of the Second World War. For the most part the creator of this site gathered them in his youth from veterans and surplus stores during the 1950s and 1960s. The collection is not totally complete, but is nearly so. Most of the patches are originals; however, in a very few cases early post-war reproductions of rare patches are show in place of missing originals.

Bell's Aviation
Bell's Aviation provides American aviation flight gear, clothing, and equipment to collectors worldwide. Bells specializes in World War 2 Army Air Corps and US Navy items with special emphasis on flight helmets, goggles, oxygen mask, flight jackets, clothing, parachutes, life vests, and survival gear. Bell's online Virtual Museum has pictures of some interesting items from the owner's collection.

Brian's Military Jeeps of WWII
The WWII Military Jeep Website - Dedicated to restoring WWII Jeeps - the MB, GPW - mfg. by Willys & Ford from 1941 - 1945, and outfitting them with proper parts, accessories, accouterments and militaria.

Commando Dog Tags
Description: Commando Dog Tags offers your very own set of G.I. Style DOG TAGS. Included are two stainless steel chains, 27 and 4.5 inches long, two tags with your choice of finish (stainless steel, brass, etc.) and two rubber silencers. HAND EMBOSSED with up to 5 lines of text, 16 characters per line.

Commando Dog Tags
Description: Commando Dog Tags offers your very own set of G.I. Style DOG TAGS. Included are two stainless steel chains, 27 and 4.5 inches long, two tags with your choice of finish (stainless steel, brass, etc.) and two rubber silencers. HAND EMBOSSED with up to 5 lines of text, 16 characters per line.

D&L Bensinger Military Vehicle Parts and Restoration
D&L Bensinger, Military Vehicle Parts and Restorations specializes in restoring antique vehicles for customers and selling parts to customers who do their own work. Daryl is a contributing correspondent with several trade magazines and national publications.

Gary's Halftrack Parts
The largest selection in the world, with a database-driven online catalog. If you're looking for a good half track or scout car project, you can search the database. With lots of short frame and long framed halftrack reproduction parts available, there is no time like the present to finish your existing projects.

Navy Cross
As enacted in 1919, the Navy Cross was the naval services third-highest award and could be awarded for both combat heroism and for other distinguished service. Many, for instance, were earned for extraordinary diving and salvage feats. As originally third in precedence behind the Medal or Honor and the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, more than one Navy Cross recipient regarded its award as a "snub" in lieu of the Distinguished Service Medal. Photos show changes in The Navy Cross over the years. Information includes statistics regarding awards issued.

U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Military Awards Branch
The purpose of this site is to provide information on the Army awards and decorations program and its related subject areas. Mission: To provide quality personnel service, support, and administration of the Army awards program which enhances mission accomplishment by recognizing soldiers for excellence and motivating them to high levels of performance and service.

U.S. Military Battle Streamer History
Index of all streamers, images, details. Navy streamers are 3 feet long and 2 3/4" wide. Where a medal has been awarded for a particular war or service, the coloring and design of the streamer are the same as the ribbon from which the medal is suspended. Conflicts and operations for which no medal was issued have ribbons specially designed for use as streamers. Today's battle streamers affixed to the military flags of the United States are colorful symbols and reminders of sacrifice, service and a proud heritage -- a tribute to the men and women of the armed forces, past and present, who have responded in America's times of need.

Frank Trzaska's U.S. Military Knives
Web site is dedicated to further the research and study on United States Edged Weaponry of all types. Includes original articles and others that are contributed. Photo galleries of knife collections, and more.

U.S. Military Service Ribbons & Awards
Web site display the correct order of precedence for ribbons most likely to be worn today on Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guard uniforms. Devices worn on these ribbons must be worn in a specific manner and are used to denote additional awards or participation in a specific event.

U.S. Navy Service and Campaign Medals
American bluejackets and Marines were without official medals or other visible signs of their overseas service or combat for the first 120 years of the Navy's existence, since orders, medals and decorations were seen as the trappings of royalty and empire and ran contrary to the republican spirit present at the founding of our country. Web site provides photos and descriptions of campaign medals from the Civil War to present.

WW2 US Militaria
Personal online collection, dedicated to the equipment, weapons, clothing, badges and insignia of the American soldier in World War II (European Theater of Operations), with descriptions and pictures.

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 British Militaria     Reddick Militaria Articles

Collecting British Military Medals
You will find information on collecting, displaying, and caring for your medals as well as providing background information on individual items with the aim of assisting the collector. As with all forms of collecting military memorabilia the collector should make himself aware of the historical background of the campaign or war for which the medal is awarded. To aid those interested in finding out more on individual conflicts you will find links to (who offer books at discounted prices) on each page where you can search their enormous collection and hopefully find something of interest to you. Finally I have included some links to various dealers on the Internet all of whom I have done business with and offer a first rate service.

History of the Victoria Cross
Highly detailed site concentrating on known VC holder's graves in the United Kingdom and Ireland and the location of each VC, if on public display. Over 600 recipients so far. By Iain Stewart.

Military Regimental Cap Badges UK
This site contains digital photographs of more than one hundred army cap badges, representing a personal collection built up during the past seven years. I have concentrated on collecting the badges of the regiments and yeomanry which were in existence before and during the First World War.

Tommys Pack Fillers
Tommy's Pack Fillers, (now incorporating the Boer War 'Q' store), specializing in the finest museum quality British Great War period reproductions for the discerning WW1 living historian, reenactor or collector. Limited edition items as supplied to museums, enthusiasts world wide and as props for motion pictures, TV films and theatrical productions.

Victoria Cross Reference
Everything you always wanted to know about Britain's highest gallantry award. In 1856 the Victoria Cross was the only way to reward acts of battlefield bravery whilst this century has seen the introduction of a wide range of lesser awards (in terms of the VC) for meritorious service or gallantry (the Distinguished Service Order DSO and Military Cross MC for officers and the Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM and the Military Medal MM for other ranks). These have been awarded for deeds which earlier might have merited a VC.

Victoria Cross
Iain has established this website to display the burial location of all Victoria Cross holders in the United Kingdom and Ireland by county and by an index of names. The aim of the site is to continually monitor the condition of graves and headstones and to assist in the erection of headstones to those VC winners who lie in unmarked, common or pauper's graves. Readers are encouraged to send photographs or jpg files of headstones which will be displayed under the appropriate recipients name.

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 French Militaria     Reddick Militaria Articles

French Foreign Legion Insignia

Symboles & Traditions
France's premier organization of insignia collectors.

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 German Militaria     Reddick Militaria Articles

Axis and Legion Militaria
Medals, badges, stamps and military field mail related to Foreign Volunteer Legions and Axis Countries that fought along side the Germans during WW2. This web site was created for collectors who enjoy viewing, trading, selling and communicating similar itema with other collectors. Currently there are some great Web sites on German Militaria but very few sites that relate to Axis and Legion Militaria. All awards and philatelic material pictured here come from my the web master's collection.

East German Medals

German Flag History
We want to inform on this page about the current German flags, like the federal flag but also the state flags. We also present the older German flags and try to explain why the flag got changed. Another section of this webpage is about German WW2 flags. is a website dedicated to the study of steel helmets worn by military and civilian organizations of World War II Germany. The content of this website is organized into specific "Information Tracks" that allow the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the variety of steel helmets (Stahlhelme) worn by men and women serving in the German Armed Forces (Wehrmacht) and affiliated organizations from 1933 to 1945.

German Medals
Includes pre-1933, Third Reich and post-1945 West German medals.

The German Pickelhaube, 1914-1916
Superb article on the history and development of these helmets, written by Ralph Reiley. Located within the outstanding Trenches On the Web site, which is filled with historical info about the First World War.

Imperial German Orders, Medals & Decorations
Extensive information, photos and articles include: Order History, Beauty of Old Orders, German Orders (various reviews), Orders of Knighthood as Investment, and Knowledge about Orders.

Ranks, insignias and uniforms of the Third Reich
Photos and images of rank insignia used by: Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Heer/Auxiliary, and the Waffen SS.

Ritterkreuz Medals & Decorations
This Web Site is intended for the sharing of information, and to help collectors avoid expensive mistakes in unwittingly purchasing fakes. The technology available to today's forgers is far in advance of that available only a few years ago and fakes are becoming more and more accurate. Whereas a few years back, one could count on for instance a fake medal or badge being accurate on the obverse, but having an inaccuracy on the reverse in the way the pin or hinge fitting had been represented, today it is often only in very subtle detail differences that the fake will differ from the original.

Wartime Changes to the German Field Uniform 1914-1916
Within the pages of this project you will find construction methods, manufacturing characteristics, and detailed specifications of vital interest to every collector. Yet the site aims to offer more than just technical information; by presenting recipient biographies and delving into the historical atmosphere of the era, we hope to better understand and appreciate the experiences of the men who bore arms for Germany throughout World War II.

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 Soviet / Russian Militaria     Reddick Militaria Articles

Eric's Soviet Collectibles
Personal collection of Soviet medals, pins, documents, images and art.
An excellent site where you can see some absolutely incredible World War II Soviet and US militaria, and learn some history at the same time.

Orders & Medals of the USSR
This site is designed to give the collector some insight on the basic Orders and Medals of the former Soviet Union. Medals organized by category: Highest Awards, Military Orders, Labour Orders, Valour Medals, Victory Medals, Campaign Medals, Subilee Medals, Port WWII Medals & Motherhood Medals. Descriptions and images of each medal.

M1945 Victory Parade Uniforms Web Site
A site displaying and detailing the famous Soviet M1945 Generals' Victory Parade Uniforms. This site is made in conjunction with DA Drabik Militaria.

N.K.V.D. & K.G.B. Web Page
This web page has been created as a forum for historians, researchers, militaria collectors, and other persons interested in the state security organs of the former Soviet Union. Interest in these organizations is not meant to imply any political beliefs, nor to endorse their (often disturbing) past actions. This page has simply been created in order to foster discussion and the dissemination of knowledge.

The Soviet Military Awards Page
The purpose of this site is to educate and inform those interested in collecting Soviet military and labor awards issued between 1917-1991. All type and variation information within this site conforms to the widely accepted standard created by Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt, in their excellent book on Soviet awards, "The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals". Each award listed in the menu is linked to a page with relevant information for that award. Different types and variations for each award as well as a collectors rarity scale at the bottom of each page are also included. Information is typically updated monthly.

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 Other Militaria     Reddick Militaria Articles

The Australian & New Zealand Victoria Cross
Impressive and detailed site devoted to the Australian and New Zealand Victoria Cross winners. By John Cantwell.

Canadian Military Medals and Decorations

Flags of the World
FOTW (Flags Of The World) is a site originally established by Giuseppe Bottasini, and devoted to vexillology. The site is fed with news and images posted to the FOTW mailing list and with other contributions from interested readers and visitors. Flags of the World is produced and maintained by an Editorial Staff of unpaid volunteers and the contents of these pages are offered freely to the Internet community. FOTW is a full member of FIAV (Fédération internationale des associations vexillologiques) as of July 2001.

Hendrik's Medal Corner
With information on Orders, decorations and medals of Belgium and other countries.

Ian Kelly Master Militaria Catalogue
This is an extract of the Ian Kelly Master Militaria Catalogue dealing with continental African uniform insignia, including Police and emergency services badges. The list includes North African desert countries.

The Orders, Decorations & Medals Ring
(88 sites) This ring was created to group those internet sites which feature historical information on orders, decorations and medals of all countries. Are you interested in medals ? Then you will enjoy the informative sites on this Ring. Its purpose is to enable visitors to quickly visit a number of medal related sites without having to use a search engine or know the Ring's sites' Internet locations. Any site, having information on orders, decorations or medals, may join the ring, as long as it is suitable for ALL age groups.

Orders and Decorations of Poland
This site has three objectives: give a phalerist (or another hobbyist) detailed and exhaustive information on the Polish award system; increase the number of sites concerning orders and decorations of the world, which is still scarce; (last but not least) encourage other phalerists to make similar sites on the decoration systems of their countries (please let me know when they're ready).

Mortars in Miniature
What follows is a compilation of 20th Century Infantry Mortars that were used during the past century's wars and conflicts, faithfully reproduced here in miniature. I describe the building and painting of each subject as well as providing some actual statistical data and some general information for each weapon. I also provide Technical Manual (TM), Field Manual (FM) and Firing Table (FT) cover scans to coincide with their respective subjects.

Unravel the Gavel
Tips on collecting - fakes, safety, etc.

The Victoria Cross in India
Details the 40 recipients of the Indian services. By Ed Haynes.

Victoria Cross Canadian Recipients in care of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
This site brings together records and images (attestation papers, war diaries, photographs, newspaper extracts, etc.) from the storage vaults of the National Archives of Canada.

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