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3rd Reich Militaria History

Third Reich Militaria - History, Origins & Use

The first Nazi awards began in the 1920s, before they had come to power in Germany, with the political decorations worn on early Party uniforms. After 1933, the state began issuing a variety of civilian decorations. However, it is the Third Reich military awards that are by far the most commonly recognized and sought by collectors.

Reddick Militaria has published or reprinted ten popular books on the subject of Third Reich Miliaria. We have collected thousands of images and documents over the years as a result of this work. The articles that we will add to this page, from time-to-time, will draw from this repository of German miliaria information.

Reddick Militaria Articles

1939 Iron Cross and the Clasps to the Iron Cross of World War 1914/1918Reddick Militaria Articles

Article discusses the statutes of the Iron Cross, first established on 1 March 1813 by Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III in Breslau. The Iron Cross statutes were renewed during the wars of 1870 and 1914 as Prussian award. With the statutes renewal of 1939, the Iron Cross became a German award. This article deals with the differences in the 1939 statutes and those of earlier years, including the grades in which it was presented, and much information concerning its history, design, and proper display.
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