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WW2 German SS M40 Overseas Cap Styles

SS M-40 Cap Styles

This style cap was used exclusively by the SS, differing from the M-38 model in the cut of the sides and top. Enlisted Men(EM) style comes without piping and Officer’s style has correct, aluminum-silver, braided wire piping. Both are made from top quality wool in the proper colors and have war-time style, grey cotton linings correctly stamped with maker marks, size and date. Now available in black for W-SS Panzer Divisions!

Hat Jack - Adjustable Hat Stretcher
Product ID : 0102-999-020
Military Headgear Display Heads
Product ID : 0102-999-001
Waffen SS Panzer M40 Overseas Side Cap, EM
Product ID : 0102-609-0
Waffen SS Panzer M40 Overseas Side Cap, Officer
Product ID : 0102-609-3
M40 Waffen SS Overseas Cap - EM
Product ID : 0102-509-0
Waffen SS M40 Overseas Cap, Officer
Product ID : 0102-529-3