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Third Reich Visor Caps - Waffen SS Visor Caps

Waffen SS Visor Caps

The popular M-37, old-style field cap is available once again, with genuine, black leather visor, coarse wool top in field-grey, and velvet cap band. Properly worn without a chin cord, this cap features our finest quality silver plated or aluminum SS cap eagle & skull insignia, satin lining and double “EREL” markings.

Hat Jack - Adjustable Hat Stretcher
Product ID : 0102-999-020
Military Headgear Display Heads
Product ID : 0102-999-001
German Waffen SS Officer Crusher Hat
Product ID : 0102-205-2
Waffen SS EM Infantry Visor Caps
Product ID : 0102-105-2
Waffen SS Panzer Officer Visor Cap, Pink Piped
Product ID : 0102-005-5
SEPP Dietrich Waffen SS Visor Cap
Product ID : 0102-005-4
Waffen SS General Visor Cap, Silver Piped
Product ID : 0102-005-3
Waffen SS Infantry Officer Visor Cap, White Piped
Product ID : 0102-005-2