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SS & Luft Trumpet Banners

SS & Luft Trumpet Banners

These fine, double-sided banners are hand embroidered on red and yellow silk, featuring a large Luftwaffe eagle encompassed in a wreath of laurel leaves done in high quality silver bullion, with black swastikas radiating from the center and silver bullion fringe. The reverse sides read “Flakregiment 1” or “Fliegerhorstkommandanture Schweinfurt” in typical, fancy silver bullion lettering. 18” x 22”.

SS Skull Flag - 3' x 5'
Product ID : 0120-285-024
German '1st SS Standarte LAH', Trumpet Banner
Product ID : 0120-104-001
German '4th SS Standarte', Trumpet Banner
Product ID : 0120-104-004
Luftwaffe Schweinfurt Trumpet Banner
Product ID : 0120-102-001
Luftwaffe Trumpet Banners
Product ID : 0120-102-002