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Third Reich Metal Insignia - Wreaths & Cockades

Wreaths & Cockades

Our die-struck Army Cap Eagles exhibit fine details, with original style, round swedged attachment pins, and are available in silver or gold plate. Matching Wreaths & Cockades are made on original F.W. Assmann dies. Our Kriegsmarine Cap Eagle for ratings is also die-struck from an original, capturing all the details, with flat bar for securing the Cockade and long pin for attachment to the cap.

Army General's Cap Wreath & Cockade
Product ID : 0105-012-143
Cockade for Kriegsmarine Cap Eagle
Product ID : 0105-014-000
Luftwaffe Wreath, EM
Product ID : 0105-012-201
Police Tschako Officer Cockade
Product ID : 0105-014-801
Police Tschako-EM Cockade (Assmann marked)
Product ID : 0105-014-800
Army Cap Wreath with Cockade
Product ID : 0105-012-142
Pickelhaube Cockade, EM - unpainted
Product ID : 0104-125-100