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Third Reich Metal Insignia - Breast Eagles & SS Evening Dress

Breast Eagles & SS Evening Dress

These die struck pieces are exquisitely detailed and feature correct style pins and original makers marks, in the old style, matte gold and frosted silver finishes. The extraordinary rare SS Officer’s Evening Dress Insignia rivals originals in quality with its sharp details, correct style pin back and burnished ‘altsibler (antique silver) traditional finish.

Luftwaffe Breast Eagle
Product ID : 0105-025-242
Luftwaffe General's Breast Eagle - Gold
Product ID : 0105-025-243
WW2 German Army Breast Eagle - *TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE*
Product ID : 0105-025-142
WW2 German Army General's Breast Eagle
Product ID : 0105-025-143
SS Officer's Evening Dress Insignia
Product ID : 0105-016-444