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Third Reich Uniform Insignia - RZM Style Cuff Titles

RZM Style Cuff Titles

High Quality Machine Embroidered

These machine woven (Gewebt) cuff titles are black with the correct 7-strand aluminum-silver borders, produced in Germany on period machinery. The plain style is the basic “RZM Pattern” used for both machine and hand-embroidered styles and was worn by officers on the staff of SS-SD districts & sub-districts. These 8 new machine embroidered models are exquisitely done. 31 mm wide x 18” long.

RZM Cuff Title - Adolf Hitler
Product ID : 0105-460-003
RZM Cuff Title - Das Reich
Product ID : 0105-460-002
RZM Cuff Title - Der Fuhrer
Product ID : 0105-460-006
RZM Cuff Title - Deutschland
Product ID : 0105-460-001
RZM Cuff Title - Frundsberg
Product ID : 0105-460-004
RZM Cuff Title - Germania
Product ID : 0105-460-005