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Third Reich Edged Weapon Accoutrements - Sword & Dagger Knots

Sword & Dagger Knots

These high quality, hand-made bullion knots are the finest copies of originals that you will find. All have the proper recessed centers and the sword and bayonet knots feature the correct style inset strap pieces at the bottom of the ball. Exactingly made from fine aluminum-silver and gold bullion materials, they are the correct size and color and will greatly enhance your prized daggers and swords.

Miniature Dagger Portepee Knot
Product ID : 4924-109-100
Luftwaffe Dagger Knot - 23 cm
Product ID : 0128-002-003
Imperial Auto Club Dagger Portepee
Product ID : 0128-002-034
SS EM Bayonet Knot
Product ID : 0128-001-015
SS NCO Bayonet Knot
Product ID : 0128-003-015
Third Reich Army Dagger Portepee (Silver)
Product ID : 0128-002-001
Third Reich Navy Dagger Portepee
Product ID : 0128-002-002
SS NCO Sword Knot
Product ID : 0128-001-014
SS Officer Sword Knot
Product ID : 0128-001-001