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German WWII Dagger Parts

Dagger Parts

We offer a wide selection of the finest quality and most popular replacement parts for Third Reich daggers in the industry, with everything from blades to grip insignia and scabbard screws. Our dagger parts are meticulously reproduced from originals and are used in restorations of the first order. Many of the surviving German WWII daggers are missing insignia and other minor parts, so you can greatly enhance the value of your dagger with our replacement parts.

Reddick Militaria offers the following items: SS & SA grip eagles and rune buttons, Naval dagger release buttons, SS & SA scabbard screws, Hitler Youth, Postal, RLB & DLV grip insignia, Police grip eagles in both silver and gold color, as well as acorns for Forestry & hunting cutlass grips. All items feature fine detail and high quality enameling like the originals, and they are complete with mounting tabs or pegs where appropriate.

We also have an excellent reproduction snap hook (karabinerhaken) used on hangers for SS, SA and other daggers, and we have the often missing replacement springs for these as well. Our karabinerhaken are even feature the stylized A trademark of the prestigious and now defunct Assmann & Sohne firm.

Special Late SS Style Grip Eagles
Product ID : 0127-107-999
Hot Deal
Vertical Hanger for German SA Dagger- Brown Leather
Product ID : 0127-107-036
WWII Nazi SS Dagger Grip
Product ID : 0127-200-081
Nazi WWII SA Dagger Grip
Product ID : 0127-200-071
German WWII Navy Dagger Grip, Orange
Product ID : 0127-200-032
German WWII Navy Dagger Grip, White
Product ID : 0127-200-031
German WWII Luftwaffe Dagger Grip
Product ID : 0127-200-021
WWII German Army Dagger Grip
Product ID : 0127-200-011
Railway Crossguard & Pommel Set
Product ID : 0127-300-009
SS/SA Crossguards
Product ID : 0127-300-004
German WWII Luftwaffe Crossguard, Pommel & Grip Ring
Product ID : 0127-300-002
WWII German Army Crossguard, Pommel & Grip Ring
Product ID : 0127-300-001
Staples for Leather Sword Scabbards
Product ID : 0127-150-027
SS / SA Brass Scabbard Runners
Product ID : 0127-107-019
SS / SA Pommel Nuts - nickel plated steel
Product ID : 0127-107-006
1st Model RLB Grip Insignia
Product ID : 0127-134-009
Forestry Hunting Cutlass Grip Acorns
Product ID : 0127-127-009