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Nazi Militaria - Nazi Party Badges & Awards

Party Badges & Awards

Our Golden Party Badges are the finest available, made exactly like originals, and featuring sharply detailed oak leaf wreaths finished in matte gold plating, with original “Deschler & Sohn, München 9” maker markings & correct pin backs. Dated badges are marked “A.H.30.1.39” & numbered badges have unique serial numbers. Center discs are silver plated, with genuine enamel in black, white and translucent red and the superb finish and fine details set these apart!

German Eagle Order Neck Cross, 1st Class with Swords
Product ID : 0107-116-004
German Gold Rider's Badge
Product ID : 0107-177-004
German Silver Riders badge
Product ID : 0107-177-003
This badge was awarded in three classes, consisting of a horse and rider...
German Bronze Riders Badge
Product ID : 0107-177-002
DRL Gold Sports Badge
Product ID : 0107-173-004
DRL Silver Sports Badge
Product ID : 0107-173-003
DRL Bronze Sports Badge
Product ID : 0107-173-002
Third Reich Olympic Cross, Second Class
Product ID : 0107-138-004
Third Reich Olympic Neck Cross, First Class
Product ID : 0107-137-004
Third Reich Social Welfare Cross, 3rd Class
Product ID : 0107-133-004
Third Reich German Order, Breast Star
Product ID : 0107-126-061
Third Reich German Order 3rd Class
Product ID : 0107-125-061
German Eagle Orders with Swords Second Class
Product ID : 0107-117-004
Third Reich Star of the German Eagle Order
Product ID : 0107-119-004
Golden Party Badge Official Presentaion Cased Set
Product ID : 0107-910-165
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