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Third Reich Uniform Accessories - Army Enlisted

Army Enlisted

Our EM shoulder boards are high quality, being made with good wool in the correct field grey and Luftwaffe blue colors, genuine aluminum silver Tresse, and proper stitching around the button holes.

For Afrikakorps and Tropical Army uniforms, our boards feature the correct colored, olive tan cotton twill cloth, copper brown diamond pattern Tresse and white piping. Other ranks can be made by adding one or two rank pips as required.

WW2 German Shoulder Boards: Army EM- Schutze
Product ID : 0106-012-102
WW2 German Shoulder Boards: Army EM- Unteroffizier
Product ID : 0106-011-602
WW2 German Shoulder Boards: Army Infantry Unterfeldwebel
Product ID : 0106-011-502