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Third Reich Uniform Accessories - Collar Tab Devices

Collar Tab Devices

Collar Tab Insignia - Our super-detailed Panzer collar tab skull features the original, raw aluminum finish and is the finest produced! The standard model is silver-plated, with excellent details, and both skulls are hollow backed with 2 flat metal prong attachments. Hollow-back Luftwaffe EM collar tab gulls are exact duplicates of originals with integral metal tabs for attachment.

Rank Pips - Identical to the originals, these are available in both the large and small sizes, in silver or gold color, with attaching prongs.

Panzer Skull Collar Tabs - Aluminum
Product ID : 0105-022-545
Panzer Skull Collar Tabs - Silver plate
Product ID : 0105-022-541
SPECIAL LOT - Panzer Skull Collar Tabs
Product ID : 0105-022-542
Luftwaffe Collar Tab Gulls, EM - Aluminum
Product ID : 0104-033-027
Rank Pips - Medium Gold 12mm
Product ID : 0104-031-004
Rank Pips - Medium Silver 12mm
Product ID : 0104-031-007
Rank Pips - Small Silver 10mm
Product ID : 0104-031-047
Rank Pips- Large Gold 15mm
Product ID : 0104-030-004
Rank Pips- Large Silver 15mm
Product ID : 0104-030-003