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Third Reich Pole Tops

Pole Tops

Our German Third Reich Pole Tops are produced from high quality molds of original pieces in our collection and are the finest reproductions available. All have correctly sized, threaded rods or tubes for mounting and the early NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei [pronunciation], or Nazi Party for short) model includes the disc under the wreath. The Car Pennant Top is the type found on fender pennants and the NSKOV (War Veterans Organization) top features enamel highlights in red and black, making it a rather striking piece. The Army Pole Top is used with our Army Swallowtails and is very rare in the original, while the Early NSDAP model is also available in nickel plate. Nicely finished and capturing all of the unique details of their original counterparts, these pole tops will make great additions to your World War II militaria display!

Political Car Pennant Top
Product ID : 0120-801-005
Early Model NSDAP Flagpole Top
Product ID : 0120-801-000
Early NSDAP Flagpole Top
Product ID : 0120-801-001
Late NSDAP Pole Top
Product ID : 0120-801-002
NSKOV Pole Top
Product ID : 0120-801-004
WW2 German Army Flagpole Top
Product ID : 0120-801-003