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German Pistol & Lugar Holsters


Made exactly like the originals in every way, using top quality, heavy black molded leather and white cotton stitching, these holsters are complete with spare magazine pouches and the P-08 model includes the combo tool compartment. Correct in all respects, these fine holsters feature the original style “P-08” or “P-38” marks, 1941 Nazi maker marks, and Waffenamt acceptance markings “WaA170”. Perfect for reenactors or as a good home for your pistol!

WWII German Pistol Holsters
Product ID : 0130-006-024
P-08 Luger Hard Shell Holster
Product ID : 0130-006-081
P-38 Hard Shell Holster
Product ID : 0130-006-381
P-38 Soft Shell Holster
Product ID : 0130-006-382