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German M43 and M44 Wool Field Caps

Wool M43 & M44 Caps


Fully lined in typical cotton fabric, with proper ink stamp markings of the manufacturer, size and date, our EM caps are constructed from fine quality color wool that is custom woven to match the original colors. Complete with correct type visors and Assmann style, pebbled aluminum buttons in front. Army/Waffen SS also available in size 62.


Our officer's caps are made using fine quality wool in the original colors and the grey cotton linings are stamped with manufacturer's name, size and year date, just like the war-time models. We use correct alu-silber (aluminum-silver) braided piping and pebbled aluminum, Assmann style buttons to make these the most authentic caps available.

Hat Jack - Adjustable Hat Stretcher
Product ID : 0102-999-020
Military Headgear Display Heads
Product ID : 0102-999-001
M43 SS Panzer Officers Field Cap, Wool
Product ID : 0102-429-3
M43 Luftwaffe EM Field Cap, Wool
Product ID : 0102-403-0
M43 Luftwaffe Officers Field Cap, Wool
Product ID : 0102-403-3
M43 Mountain Troops EM Bergmutze Cap
Product ID : 0102-425-0
M43 Mountain Troops Officers Bergmutze Cap
Product ID : 0102-426-3
M43 SS Panzer EM Field Cap, Wool
Product ID : 0102-405-1
M43 Waffen SS Army EM Field Cap, Wool
Product ID : 0102-405-3
M43 Waffen SS Army Officers Field Cap, Wool
Product ID : 0102-421-3
Waffen SS M44 Single Button Caps
Product ID : 0102-406-3
The Einheitsfeldm
M43 General's Field Cap with Gold Piping
Product ID : 0102-401-4