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German Helmet Chinstraps, Liners & Parts

Helmet Parts

Original quality parts are our specialty, and our helmet parts are no exception. Properly manufactured exactly like the original, using the same type war-time materials, they are correctly sized and perfect replacements for missing or damaged parts on restorations.

Top-notch workmanship, oil-tanned leather and original quality buckles from the OLC factory in Germany make these some of the best replacement chinstraps on the market. Straps are die-cut and hand-stitched, then embossed with correct “rb” numbers for authenticity and they come complete with two of our “Double Buttons” for attachment. Perfect for replacement of missing or damaged straps on restorations of M-35, M-40 and M-42 Helmets.

Museum Quality WWII German Helmet Liners
Product ID : 0102-009-1
Museum Quality M-40 Chinstrap
Product ID : 0104-001-810
Buckle for M-40 Helmet Chinstrap
Product ID : 0104-001-906
WW2 German Railway Leader Chin Cord
Product ID : 0104-002-206
Pickelhaube Chin Strap, Black w/ field-grey fittings
Product ID : 0104-003-694
Pickelhaube Chin Strap, Black w/ gold fittings
Product ID : 0104-003-691
Pickelhaube Chin Strap, Black w/ iron fittings
Product ID : 0104-003-692
Pickelhaube Chin Strap, Brown w/ field-grey fittings
Product ID : 0104-003-693
Aluminum Helmet Liner Rivets
Product ID : 0104-001-905
Double Button for Chinstrap
Product ID : 0104-001-903
Helmet Rocker Hooks (set of 3)
Product ID : 0104-001-902
M35, M40 & M42 Chinstrap
Product ID : 0104-001-601
Paratrooper Helmet Bolt (Spanner)
Product ID : 0104-001-904
Split Rivet with Washer for M35, M40 & M42 Helmets
Product ID : 0104-001-901
German WWII M31 Helmet Liners
Product ID : 0102-009-0