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U.S. & German Militaria: Reproductions & Collectibles

World War II U.S. Militaria :: Imperial & Third Reich Militaria


WW2 Nazi German Government Officials Dagger (without Swastika)
Product ID : 4924-101-931
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Pistol Belt, .45 1916 Holster & Web Magazine Pouch Set
Product ID : 0160-006-019
M-43 General's Cap in Standard Wool
Product ID : 0102-402-9
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German Cross in Gold - High Quality ** New Lower Price!!
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This incredible, museum quality replica is one of the rarest examples of Third Reich memorabilia, and available exclusively from Reddick Militaria!

It is true to the originals in every aspect, from the correct dimensions and highest quality materials to the meticulous, hand finish and exacting details.

Standing over 7 feet tall, it is unbelievably convincing in every way, and will even rival an original except on close inspection. Manufactured to the specifications of the genuine standards that were originally produced for NSDAP Party rallies and parades in the 1930s and early 1940s, this is the finest replica ever produced.

Each section has been meticulously modeled after an original, with particular attention paid to the most minute details and dimensions. The brass eagle is hollow, like the originals, being made up of die-struck brass components that brazed together and then hand finished. This multi-part construction is carried through to the wreath and swastika, as well as the München box with its front and back plates of brass that have been dies truck and then nickel plated. The high quality wooden poles feature nickel plated fittings that are threaded for disassembly in the same manner as the real ones.

Now you can own one of the rarest and most sought-after examples of Third Reich pomp and splendor, and this exquisite set will surely become the center-piece of any militaria collection!

The set includes the following pieces: Eagle Top, Wreath & Swastika, Munchen Box, Wooden Pole Set with Cross Pole, Deutschland Erwache Banner, Red, White and Black Tassels

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German Militaria

Imperial & 3rd Reich

Third Reich Militaria: Headgear, Insignia, Medals, Badges, Books & More
Our wide assort-ment of fine quality Third Reich Medals, Combat Badges & other Decorations features the finest details front & back, correct style pins & catches, original makers' marks & the proper plated finishes! Many badges are made in Europe & are often mistaken for originals. Our enamel badges and pins are the finest quality, rivaling originals in detail and color, with most featuring an RZM mark or an original maker's mark. Details

WWII US Militaria

U.S. Medals, Badges, Insignia, Patches & Books

WWII US Militaria
Reddick Militaria car-ries a complete line of U.S. medals issued during WWII, all manufactured in the finest quality by official U.S. Government contractors. Our insignia and patches are also made in the U.S.A. by original manufacturers, in many cases using original dies and specifications. Details

"Erel" Visor Caps

Exclusive U.S. Distributor

Third Reich Militaria:
Reddick Militaria is the exclusive dis-tributor for the successors to the premier German cap maker, Robert Lubstein, or "Erel" as it is best known. We are proud to offer an extensive line of this fine quality headgear, including visor caps, billed field caps (M-43's) and overseas caps, as well as high quality insignia and components for repair or enhancement. Details

Military Vehicle Books


Military Vehicle Books
Reddick Militaria is pleased to an-nounce that we have acquired the rights to the Military Vehicle and Military History & Collector titles formerly published by Victory Publishing and USM. We now publish these fine titles along with our other military collector books and we look forward to providing you with our high quality customer service. Details

Bevo Woven Insignia

Complete Line of Original Quality Insignia

Third Reich Militaria: Bevo Woven Insignia
Reddick Militaria pro-duces the most complete line of original quality Bevo woven insignia and badges available today, many of which are made in Germany on old, pre-war looms using original quality materials, patterns and weaving cards. Details

Collar Tabs

Bullion Collar Tabs

Third Reich Militaria: Bullion Collar Tabs
Mounted pairs, com-plete & ready to attach. Our bullion collar tabs feature meticulous, hand-embroidery work that rivals some of the best originals. They are made using the correct aluminum-silver or gold bullion thread and then properly mounted on a stiff canvas backing, complete with the proper aluminum-silver or gold twisted piping. Details
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He is engraved in stone in the National War Memorial in Washington, DC, back in a small alcove where very few people have seen it. For the WWII generation, this will bring back memories. For you younger folks, it's a bit of trivia that is a part of our American history. Anyone born in 1913 to about 1950, is familiar with Kilroy. No one knew why he was so well known, but everybody seemed to get into it.

In 1946 the American Transit Association, through its radio program, "Speak to America," sponsored a nationwide contest to find the real Kilroy, offering a prize of a real trolley car to the person who could prove himself to be the genuine article. Almost 40 men stepped forward to make that claim, but only James Kilroy from Halifax, Massachusetts, had evidence of his identity.

'Kilroy' was a 46-year old shipyard worker during the war who worked as a checker at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy. His job was to go around and check on the number of rivets completed. Riveters were on piecework and got paid by the rivet. He would count a block of rivets and put a check mark in semi-waxed lumber chalk, so the rivets wouldn't be counted twice. When Kilroy went off duty, the riveters would erase the mark. Later on, an off-shift inspector would come through and count the rivets a second time, resulting in double pay for the riveters.   continued

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World War II, a global conflict that lasted from 1939-45, was among the most far-reaching conflicts in history. The war spanned six continents, involved more than 30 countries, and introduced new weapons and machinery. Nations pushed their best scientific minds to their limits designing and manufacturing equipment for troop and supply transport. The United States alone raised hundreds of millions of dollars through bond campaigns to fund the war effort. Unlike in previous wars, when horsepower was the main means of transport, military vehicles became a key part of the fight to capture territory, supplies, and enemy soldiers. Whether in the air or on the ground, the cars, tanks, and airplanes used during World War II had a great impact on a nation’s ability to successfully campaign against the enemy. As Joseph Stalin said, “The war was decided by engines and octane.” View Article

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This great article was brought to our attention by 6th grade history teacher, Jordan Christian. One of his students, Alex, used this as one of the resources he cited for an article he wrote on World War II. "THE CARS, TANKS AND AIRPLANES OF WWII" is a concise article with links to over 40 online resources. Topics covered: WWII Cars, WWII Trucks, WWII Tanks, WWII Aircraft, WWII History Resources. Take a look, it's worth a read!

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Reddick Militaria does not support, condone, or in anyway try to glorify Nazi Germany or any neo-fascist organization. These items are sold for the serious collectors, re-enactors, historical organizations and theatrical purposes only.

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